Jan 17, 2012

Distressed Pelican by Anthony Morrow

Pelican Detail

Distressed, Pelican
This is a painting of a Northern Pelican. It was created using Acrylics mostly with a hit of oils on top. The substrate used is a cel film used typically by old school animators. I find the surface smooth and light to work on. The ability to sand and rub off items unwanted is a real benefit of working on synthetic substrates. I usually work very fast and in multiple thin layers. And this process seems to allow for that.

Dec 15, 2011

Cafe Posters by Anthony Morrow

I am beginning a new line of cafe posters for release this winter in retail stores. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak.

CAFE SOCIETE by Anthony Morrow
Cafe Au Lait by Anthony Morrow

Cafes by Anthony Morrow

Oct 17, 2011

Dino Illustrations by Anthony Morrow

Dino Characters and composition by Anthony Morrow, mixed media.

I have been working like mad and some projects have been exciting. Much of what I have done in the past few months is ND work so I can't post most of it until i get the o.k., but I did just complete this series of dinosaur illustrations initially started as a character development sheet. I am excited to share it with one of the 3 or 4 people who look at my blog ever...-j.
Looking forward to share the next series as well!!
These images have been appropriated for Wallpaper, Peel & Sticks for kids rooms and juvenile paleontologists!

Jul 25, 2011

New Butterfly Designs for Home Decor

You should start to see these butterflies and other subjects out at major retailers this fall on a variety of product.

AM0138 ref #, Butterfly by Anthony Morrow

AM0138 ref #, Butterfly by Anthony Morrow

Jun 29, 2011

A Little Girls DREAM by Anthony Morrow

a little girls dream come true

AKA Pink Poofy Thing!
Hi gang, attached is a sample of how I start an illustration and the final. The study is a simple sketch for form. But for me the sketch also needs light mass and direction to help the form. So it's rare that I would have a full tight pencil drawing before painting. It is more of a push and pull process.
I hope you get something from it. ...or not.

Jun 24, 2011

BLACK HEAD GULL by Anthony Morrow

Black Head Gull "detail" by Anthony Morrow

Black Head Gull gauche study, by Anthony Morrow

Here is my latest study for a nautical wall paper pattern I am working on. This is one of the 4 gulls that will be created for the repeat design.
I hope you enjoy it.

Jun 21, 2011

Nautical Repeat by Anthony Morrow

Here is that pattern I promised made of the previous posts gauche paintings.

Nautical Gauche Paintings by Anthony Morrow

Wright Wale by Anthony Morrow

The Endeavour by Anthony Morrow

Gaph Rig by Anthony Morrow

Narwhal by Anthony Morrow

That last study of a toy boat really set some things in motion. The thought of the ocean, voyages and days gone by can really bring out the little boy in a grown man. Well, not too grown. Play the Decembrists in the background and you have the perfect conditions for getting lost in the story. I don't know a child who isn't fascinated by travel and pirates and shipping and whales. I just found out I still am.
I will post some product with the art on it soon. Let me know what you think of them. I am not sure if anyone has noticed or if it is or is not a concern. But, my work was completely digital except for Fine Art work, now I have made a conscience decision to create all of my work by hand. These are gauche

Jun 20, 2011

Sloop by Anthony Morrow

gauche painting by Anthony Morrow, all rights reserved

new gauche painting for today

Jun 14, 2011

Moleskin Lamb sketch

Lamb Guache Study by Anthony Morrow

We took the kids to up state NY to visit an artist friend named Mona Marc. Not far from her beautiful farm at a local creamery (not to be mistaken with the kind that can make you into ashes, but makes milk and cheese) the ewes were being weened. I am not sure who enjoyed it more the adults or the children. It was a bit of a visual wonderland. Quaint, rustic and yes the air was ripe.... with something special?! We had taken so many photos that day that one had to make it to the moleskin. This one is gauche and pencil. I hope you enjoy looking at it and it inspires you to create something today.

Jun 13, 2011

Some Shoe! by Anthony Morrow

"Some Shoe!" by Anthony Morrow

Here is my second charcoal rendering of that classic little black shoe. What's next.... I would say it's save to say the little black dress.
I hope you enjoy the charcoals today.
Now go create something, and don't be afraid to fail completely and laugh. I do it all the time...

"Some Hat" by Anthony Morrow

Some Hat by Anthony Morrow

I have been increasingly influenced by fashion this week. Especially shoots that depict a hint of the retro and classics of the 40's and 50's.
Above is a Charcoal on BFK I completed today.
Hope you enjoy it. Take some time and make something today. You deserve it.

Jun 8, 2011

Red Boat by Anthony Morrow

RED BOAT by Antony Morrow

A simple Red Boat, with Victorian Damask pattern accenting the background.

Jun 3, 2011

Stacked Coffee Mugs by Anthony Morrow

Stacked Coffee Mugs by Anthony Morrow

Above is a gauche painting, a study for a larger piece I will be creating.. we'll see. The study is such an important part of the process. It's the perfect chance to be loose, a bit more care free and discover your work. A chance to mess up with no worries or ramifications because it's the work towards the final piece, the process, not the completed work. It's a chance to paint what you initially think you should paint and get that most likely bad idea out of your system.
Wouldn't it be great to have that in life... Just try something with no care and see how it works out.

Jun 1, 2011

"My Garden" Photography

Photo by Anthony Morrow

Photo by Anthony Morrow

Photo by Anthony Morrow

Photo by Anthony Morrow

Yesterday was a day for the garden. I tried to get out early enough so the heat wouldn't get too much but found inspiration everywhere I looked. Seems the yard fares better in the heat than I. So I put down the hoe "no pun intended" and picked up the camera. Inspired by whatkatieate I began to find my shots

May 26, 2011

Victorian Shoes by Anthony Morrow

Victorian Shoes by Anthony Morrow

These two shoes were small collectable ceramic shoes I had seen in a retail shop. The miniaturization and material combination called out to be painted. I set these two up pretty loosely and began a sketch than created the final piece in Painter. Target picked them up for a while as framed prints as did Sunrise for greeting cards. They ended up published in Communication Arts Illustration Annual for a best of digital painting. And it all started by seeing an object that sparked something special in me that I could not even identify and following through with it. How many times I have done just the opposite and rushed by with daily chores and tasks at hand.
I will take head and slow down and listen to myself more. For any body reading the post try doing the same. When something sparks in you no matter how silly. Stop, listen to yourself and follow through. No matter how ridiculous or futile it would seem at the moment. And remember don't set your sights too high they are unachievable, and don't be afraid to make a mess. I have learned much more from my mistakes than success'.

May 24, 2011

Blue Enamel French Coffee Pot by Anthony Morrow

Gauche study for Blue Enamel French Coffee Pot, by Anthony Morrow

It has bee a little while since my last post. I am gearing up for a series of paintings. After a show at the Javitz center in NY there is so much to do and produce. Requests for art were high and my Rep was pumped. These are all great indicators of the market moving in the right direction. Especially my market, right. Anyway this is a small gauche study for a painting I will be starting. The background isn't totally figured out yet but the idea is there. I have found that if I work too much out and leave no room for spontaneity than the piece can lack life. But with spontaneity, comes a beginners spirit that runs throughout the entire life of the work.
I guess that could be a lesson in LIFE too huh.
I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to do something creative today.
No immediate promises but I am looking into putting up an online presence to purchase originals and prints of my work. All that have requested.... I do hear you and am working on it. Thank you for your requests.

May 4, 2011

Containment and Life by Anthony Morrow

Containment and Life, by Anthony Morrow

Hey Sorry for the delay in posts, I have been busy on a project. I wanted to share this with you all. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions.

I aslo wanted to share something I remembered today while running from one studio to the next. Instead of rushing around, take some time to move slowly between one of your tasks and the next today. Move slowly and you might find those creative juices start up on their own. Breath.

Apr 28, 2011

Sand Pipers by Anthony Morrow

Sand Pipers by Anthony Morrow

Detail of Sandpipers by Anthony Morrow

My painting for today is Sand Pipers. I hope you enjoy it!
For licensing or publishing usages please contact my art representatives here.
For questions about my art, lectures or publications looking for articles you can contact me directly.

Apr 27, 2011

Shell Resting by Anthony Morrow

Shell Resting "detail" by Anthony Morrow

Shell Resting by Anthony Morrow

I  am excited to be moving from a spring garden theme to a full blown "can't wait for summer and the seaside" series. Not officially the name get meaning.

About a week ago I posted about being creative every day. The key points were to start small, make the time because you deserve it and don't be afraid to make a mess, take the pressure off yourself to be perfect.

In response to that post I was asked a very pertinent question: How do you start to become creative every day??? Well just when I thought I had broken it down, I found I was wrong.

Apr 26, 2011

Augustus by Anthony Morrow

"Augustus" by Anthony Morrow

I wanted to share my painting completed today of an Augustus Tulip.  It's a fact that during the height of the "Tulip Mania" in the 17th Century. Bulbs of the virus infected Semper Augustus would sell for the equivalent of up to ten years wages for a skilled craftsman of that time.
This piece was inspired by the now stained and worn botanical prints of the 17th Century.
This art is available for licensing and publishing opportunities. Please contact my rep for details.

Apr 25, 2011

Paperwhites by Anthony Morrow

Paperwhites by Anthony Morrow

Well I guess it's as good of a place to stop as any. A bit of a struggle today everything felt slow and cumbersome when all I wanted was effervescence!! Our neighbors garden is exploding with Paperwhite blooms today. They seem to have shot up almost over night.  I hope you enjoy this end of the day image of "Paper-whites". 

Apr 22, 2011

Dress & Form by Anthony Morrow

Dress and Form by Anthony Morrow

No big post today just a dress and form inspired by the Easter and Wedding season I would like to share. I hope you enjoy the image.

Apr 21, 2011

Blue Hydrangea by Anthony Morrow

Blue Hydrangea greeting card created in photoshop

Blue Hydrangea by Anthony Morrow

Above is a Hydrangea I completed today.
Often I hear this question. "How are your images used?" or how do you sell them or how do you make a living? I will answer this in a multi post format just for briefness sake. 

My images are used mostly by manufacturers of product that need decorating. Such as wall-paper, toys,

Apr 20, 2011

Garden in full bloom by Anthony Morrow

"Garden in Full Bloom" by Anthony Morrow

Here is my image of the day "Garden in Full Bloom". I hope it inspires something creative in each of you.

Yesterday I was asked HOW do you "be creative" everyday?

My answer in short to this is... 
First give your self the time, you are worth it. Short moments between other moments. Put down angry bird and pick up a pencil. Second, and if your like me this is the hard pill to swallow. Lower your expectations. Allow yourself to work, fail and grow, this is what it is to "be creative". Katina Wright wrote a guest post for this question:

I know that creative activity helps nourish my wellbeing but sometimes when I’m feeling ill, tired or pushed for time I need to be gently nudged into action.  One of my favourite ways to do this is to use short timed creative prompts. Small time chunks, between ten or twenty minutes, usually work best for me. I’ve used many prompts I’ve found in books or learnt on courses but for a long time I’ve enjoyed making my own mini exercises up and sharing them in groups/workshops I attend or run.

What advantages are there to a timed creative exercise? I’ve discovered that:
  • * Ten to twenty minutes is manageable even during difficult times.
  • * They help kick start my inspiration
  • * A burst of creative activity makes me feel good
  • * They’re not overwhelming in their expectations or length and so meet less resistance from my tired mind than a larger project might.
  • * Often they inspire further creative output and ideas.
My main rule when approaching a timed challenge is to have no expectations for the results. I give myself permission to make a huge incoherent mess and remind myself that the resulting creation is not to be judged. Taking off any pressure to create a huge project and allowing freedom from our inner critic seems to open the imagination up; having shed the weight of expectation it seems to fly.

Apr 19, 2011

Poppies in the fields, by Anthony Morrow

Poppies in the fields, by Anthony Morrow

Some of the local Poppies are starting to come up in the fields. Here is a little taste of Spring-time.
Art is available for limited licenses. Contact my representative at JMS for product availability and a complete family of images.

Apr 18, 2011

15% off prints at

Big Tow Co. print by Anthony Morrow

It's not often I post about time sensitive material. But I promise to delete the post after the week so it's not lingering in the ether with no pertinence in the future. But today Art.Com announced they will be offering 15% off their items for 3days. Including my prints for little boys rooms, or girls (if they fancy trucks)!!

Apr 15, 2011

WESTIES IN THE PARK by Anthony Morrow

Westie pup eager to please by Anthony Morrow

A true gentleman by Anthony Morrow

There is something about the Westie that captures my heart and emotions. When I see one in a city park they bring an air of ambiguous regality to the handler. They seem to bring out the "Lady" in the woman an "Gentleman" in the man.
These two paintings and other's in the line are now available for Licesnsing from my reps at JMS.

Apr 13, 2011


Rufous Wren by Anthony Morrow

Blue Fairy Wren by Anthony Morrow

Carolina Wren by Anthony Morrow

Superb Fairy Wren by Anthony Morrow

A successful Chinese brush painting to me is the culmination of absolute control of ones self and craft, an intimate knowledge of the subjects energy and form and an unwavering "beginners spirit" that must exist through the creation of the piece. I am not sure I captured any of that here, well maybe a little, but I certainly was inspired by that theory when I created these four little wrens in blossom trees. I hope you like them. I will be creating digital wallpapers for iPhone & iPad users. These four pieces are now available for license for paper products and home decor from my representatives JMSArt Licensing in Vermont.